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  • John Hall

A song in the darkest night

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

As we approach Easter in these unprecedented times, when Easter preparations and celebrations are on hold, I offer the following thoughts: Whenever God shines his light on me, open up my eyes so I can see, When I look up in the darkest night, then I know everything's gonna be alright. In deep confusion, in great despair, when I reach out for him, he is there. These are words from one of my all time favourite songs, sung by Van Morrison and Cliff Richard. It certainly seems we are in the darkest night at present, with the effects of the Covid 19 virus seemingly becoming more widespread every day, but the song reminds us that we only have to look up to see God's light shining and that everything will eventually be alright. He is there to help and support everyone - all we have to do is reach out. We pray that God will shine his light on us all, and especially all those affected by this horrible virus and those caring for them. We remember that God did shine his light on this world when he sent his Son to redeem the world through his death and resurrection, which we commemorate and celebrate in different ways from usual this Holy Week. Best wishes John Hall



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