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A warm welcome to

St Giles & St Matthew's Churches

Welcome to St Giles & St Matthew's Churches
“Love one another, as I have loved you...”  

[John 13:34]

Hello and welcome to all wanting to find out more about our two churches: St Giles Parish Church in Killamarsh and St Matthew's Parish Church in Renishaw.  

Our aim is to be friendly and open places of worship which welcome members of our community of all ages and to play an active role in the life of our villages.  We strive to 'Be Christ in Church and Community" as Jesus taught us to "Love one another, as I have loved you."



Read the Introduction & Guide to the Heritage of St Giles Church

See our new page on the St Giles Church Bells Project























The last Warm Space session until September will be on Tuesday 28th May

between 1pm - 3pm​

at St Giles Church Hall, Sheepcote Rd, Killamarsh, S21 1 DU

A Warm Space is waiting for you and your friends

  • A warm welcome

  • Free refreshments

  • An opportunity to meet old and new friends

  • If you need help we can signpost you to the right people with the right advice and expertise

This initiative is funded by


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Victorian Font relocated

As you approach the church, you will see a font erected near the memorial window. This font was installed in church in the 1840s by Revd E H Smith, the first Rector of Killamarsh who was Rector 1843-1887, to replace the original Norman font. The Norman font was found by his successor, Revd Francis Metcalfe, being used by a cobbler in Ashley Lane to soak his leather. It was bought back for 30 shillings (£1.50) and erected in the churchyard. It was subsequently re-installed in church in 1944 by Revd John Milner and the Victorian font stored in the church undercroft before being brought back during the incumbency of Revd Roy Bradshaw. In 2018 the Victorian font was removed from the church building during a refurbishment project and in 2021 we received permission to have it erected in the memorial garden adjacent to the memorial window. Tablets inside the memorial window list the names of all those who gave their lives in two World Wars, many of whom would probably have been baptised in the Victorian font. The font is a significant part of the history and heritage of St Giles Church and has been re-erected in memory of all those who were baptised in it for almost 100 years.


The font was installed in its new position by Daynes Monumental Ltd of Killamarsh, who are memorial masons, designing and installing new memorials, as well as refurbishing older ones. We are grateful to Gary Daynes for his generosity in making the arrangements for the installation

Father Georges in Madagascar




News from Fr Georges and Eveline, Madagascar

Dear Reverend Canon Helen and Fr Michael GUEST.

Dear friends at St Gile's church Killamarsh.

Dear friends at St Matthew's church Renishaw.


At this Christmas time we are very pleased   and  greet  you  with all our best wishes :




                                                              HAPPY   NEW  YEAR  2024


“God loved the world so much that he gave His only SON ,that everyone who has faith in him may not die but have  eternal life “  John 3 : 16


From : Fr Georges and Eveline

             The Congregation Antananarivo MADAGASCAR


Dear friends.

Also, we are very delighted  to send you some update news with some pictures of our daily life.

The political situation  seems  calm. We have elected  our President. He is the last one ( Andry RAJOELINA ).

Nowadays, we have a good rain all over the country. So ,we are starting to plant rice. We have some good fruits in the fields. Some pigs are very fat and we have sold them to get more money and more meat to feed the people…Everything is on the good way. There is a hopeful  success.

Again, we send our great thanks indeed for your last donation… We appreciate very much your generosity…

With warmest  Regards.

Fr Georges and Eveline.

The Congregation Antananarivo MADAGASCAR

St Giles Patronage Scheme 
has been launched. If you are interested in becoming a patron of St Giles Church, please click here for details.

Thank you for your help

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Fr Georges and Eveline.JPG

Killamarsh Healthy Community Activities -
St Giles Church Hall,
Sheepcote Rd, Killamarsh, S21 1DU, 1-3pm


Heritage Project

St Giles Church, Killamarsh, has completed a major project to carry out a programme of repairs and refurbishment to the church building. This has involved renovation and redecoration of the interior, new external drainage and stonework repairs. In addition, new toilet facilities have been installed, which are easily accessible to disabled visitors. The main refurbishment work received financial support from the National Lottery Heritage Fund, without which the project could not have gone ahead. Further financial support was received from the Derby Diocese Raymond Ross Fund towards the cost of the new toilet facilities. Completion of the project means that the church will continue to be a central part of the community in the years ahead.

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Support our Churches

St Giles Church is pleased to announce the launch of our local small business Sponsorship Scheme. 
With grateful thanks to J. & J. Crump & Son Ltd who have kindly become the first local business to sponsor our Church.
If you are interested in becoming a sponsor please email us on
Both our churches also have patronage schemes for individuals to enable us to keep each church alive and open within the community for the use and appreciation of everyone. Click below if you are interested in becoming a patron.
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