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Harvest Appeal 2020

Fr Georges would like to extend his gratitude to those at St Giles C of E Primary School, Killamarsh Junior School and the donors at St Matthew’s Church, Renishaw and St Giles Church, Killamarsh who collectively donated £1,100 to the 2020 Harvest Appeal
Even though our joint parish Harvest Appeal has finished the needs of Father Georges ongoing farming initiatives still need our support. To this end we shall continue to collect for him so that financial donations can be sent to him near Christmas time which can contribute to the cost of food for the livestock.
If you would like to support Father Georges 2020 Harvest Appeal  please send your donation to Revd H.Guest at The Rectory, Sheepcote Road, Killamarsh S21 1 DU who will ensure that your donation is sent directly to Father Georges. 
Thank you for your generosity and support.  Revd Helen, Rector

Email from Fr Georges in Madagascar

Dear Reverend Canon Helen and Fr Michael

All our friends at St Gile's church Killamarsh

All our friends at St Matthew's church Renishaw

Head Teacher and Teachers and children

At  St Gile's Parish school and others schools.


Dear  friends.

You are always an Inspiration,a source of Strength and Encouragement for all us.

As we have  promised  in our previous  newsletter ,we are very pleased to send  you someUp date photographs of our Ministry and  of  our daily work in the farming projects…(Pigs for  providing  pork, cows  for milk and laying eggs hens for eggs)


1-      Fr Georges with mask  is  standing in the left of the Bishop (During the meeting to debateThe problems and solutions after the crisis of  Corona virus…

2-      We have extended the pigs house.Fr Georges is working with some helpers.

3-      4  - 5  :A view of some pigs (They are very healthy and growing up very well)

6 -  Eveline is preparing the food (feed mill) for the livestock  and for the chickens and hens)

7 – Fr Georges is cutting some grass for the cows.

8 – 9 – 10 : A view of some cows.(They will  give calves and milk soon)

11 – According to your donation and wishes ,we have bought some new laying eggs chickens.(Eveline is taking care of the chickens)

12 –  13  : Some production from the farming projects (milk and eggs…)

To close,we send our grateful  thanks  to you all because thanks to your  prayers, your donation andyour  Christian love…we can make a difference with the others and make  lots of progress .

Finally,  lots of  people around us  find hope and smiling…May God reward you all .

Very warmest Regards.

From Fr Georges and  Eveline

All the Congregation Antananarivo MADAGASCAR

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