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St Giles Parish Church, Killamarsh

To Be Christ in Church and Community: Jesus taught us to "Love one another, as I have loved you" John 13:34

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What is the Patronage Scheme? Click here to download a copy of the leaflet and form


This is an opportunity for everyone in Killamarsh and beyond  to keep St Giles Church alive and open within the  village for the use and appreciation of everyone. Even if you don’t attend church you will nevertheless agree that St Giles Church  is an important (and  beautiful !)  landmark which has been and will continue to be there for you and your family for baptisms, weddings, funerals and other special occasions.

We are asking for YOUR  financial  help to support the practical, ongoing costs of running and maintaining the building to avoid  it  falling into disrepair and possible       closure. The Patronage Scheme will be a way of everyone contributing to maintain the church for future generations.


Why is St Giles Church launching this scheme now?


This church is an historic Grade 11* listed building which has a Norman font, Medieval window and a Saxon cross in the churchyard. Restoration costs by specialists are very high indeed as are  the day to day running costs for this  beloved church. Income received  simply isn’t keeping pace with today’s increasing costs ( see list below).

We are appealing to all who value this church and who want to keep it OPEN to support  this Patronage Scheme.



Who is the  Patronage Scheme for?


Anybody and everyone who wishes to see St Giles Church here as a  well maintained, warm and welcomingbuilding serving its  village community for many generations to come in whatever way is special to YOU.


What does being a Patron  mean?

You choose your special date and offer ‘to buy’  that date . Your payment  will cover the running costs for your special  day. The current cost to run the church building is £25 per day. Also, if you would like  to buy that  date for the future that would be even better !


How can I be a Patron for the day?

Simple! Just  choose one day out of 365  that you wish to remember a loved one,a  birthday, a wedding anniversary, a baptism, a family occasion or other special event in your life.




What do I receive by being a Patron?

· Your name will be placed in the Patrons’ book  in church, opened at the current month and showing the date and occasion you are commemorating.

· The knowledge that YOUR Patronage will make a  big difference and  that you are doing something really worthwhile to keep St Giles church open for future       generations.

· A  yearly commemorative certificate as a thank you

· Updates on  the success and progress of the Patronage Scheme


The cost of keeping St Giles open throughout 2016


Electricity                 £     411-23    

Oil                            £   1499-79                      

Water                       £     329-65           

Septic Tank             £     496-50

Insurance                £    2477-49

Maintenance            £   1104-37

Total                        £    6319-03         



The above shows the main areas of expenditure that we are faced with in supporting the building.


All the funds contributed to the Patronage Scheme are only to be used to support the overall maintenance and day to day running costs of St Giles church building.


Click here for a copy of the Patronage Scheme leaflet and form