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St Giles Parish Church, Killamarsh

To Be Christ in Church and Community: Jesus taught us to "Love one another, as I have loved you" John 13:34

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Monday, 3 June 2013
News from Fr Georges RANAIVO Antananarivo

Dear Reverend Helen and Fr Michael
All the friends at St Giles Killamarsh
All the friends at St Matthew Renishaw
Greetings from all us in Antananarivo.
We apologize so much for  the delay we have taken  to write again to you and  to send some up date photos about our latest news.
Anyway,everything is going on  nicely,here and all my family is still very well.
Our farming project is very hopeful.Some of the fruit trees like avogados and oranges and bananas  give more  good  production.We try to sell them… We continue to put more manures and fertilizers,bring more water to each foot of the trees.Next year we expect to receive more good result of our effort.Besides,I will be retired from  my work at the Pasteur Institut next month.So I will be able to work full time to improve the project  and to help all the people in my  parish…That will be a great blessing for all us.I believe that it is the good time to look more after  this important work empowered by your generosity and strengthened by the Blessing of God.
During  the month of May we have celebrated the Harvest festival all over the six churches in  my parish.This year,our crops are very good,so people are so pleased to give more for the Work of God.
Those are some up date photos about how  is  some of the churches  celebrated this event:
1 – Harvest  Festival at St Jonh’s,.Lot of people come to enjoy the traditional dances…
2 – 3 :Some people appreciate the Malagasy meals.
4 – The nice tower of St James
5 – Fr Georges in front of the new altar  at St James
6 – We have just repaired  and renewed  all the inside of St James.
7 – Selling of the bananas after the service
8 – In the garden,Christians appreciate some fruit juice and enjoy the traditional songs and dances
9 – We have opened a new church  in a village called TSARASAOTRA. Fr Georges (the blue dressed)and behind him , the  temporary church house in  bush.
10 – The Christians sell their good:sweet potatoes,oranges,bananas …
11 – After,people enjoy the traditional songs and dances.
When we  have visited your parish in 2008,we have had the privilege to be present at your Harvest festival. Of course,there is a great difference,but the goal is  still the same : Thanks be to God for giving us the  products of our work from the land!
We always remember you all in our daily prayer.We will write again,soon.
Warmest Regards.
Fr Georges and family.All the Congregation Antananarivo MADAGASCAR